Top-Quality Dog & Cat Grooming Services

Black Poodle - Dog Grooming

Like a person, maintaining proper hygiene for a cat or dog is of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, grooming your furry friend can be difficult. Save yourself from the difficulty with dog and cat grooming services at Pet Inn in Methuen, Massachusetts.

Catering to Your Canine or Feline

No two dogs' or cats' needs are exactly the same. That's why our cat and dog grooming pros provide accommodate every client's unique needs with flexible scheduling and quality services.

We even offer fast, in and out services for nervous pooches and owners. Simply drop your dog off, and we'll care for him or her immediately. Once done, we'll contact you so you can pick up your furry friend from the appointment.

Grooming for Cats & Dogs:

• Shampooing using Lambertkay™ Eco-Friendly
  Davis Shampoos
• Hand Scissoring
• Bathing (Flea & Tick Baths Available)
• Furminating to Reduce Shedding
• Nail Trimming
• Blow-Drying by Hand

• Ear Cleaning
• De-Skunking


Contact us to keep your pet's coats healthy with our dog and cat grooming services.

We Use the Prima Green Bathing System